About HBA

“About HBA”

HBA (Hotel Barmen’s Association, Japan) is established as an incorporated association in Japan for edification of authentic bar and to disseminate and familiarize culture of beverage with cocktails as its core. For achieving this goal, HBA has been having closer interchanging activities not only in Japan but also with international markets and people through the activities by the members.

“Legal Name”

Hotel Barmen’s Association, Japan


HBA intends to improve service skills of Hotel Barmen for enhancing usability of tourists as well as to contribute to the growth of tourism business industry and international goodwill. (From Chapter1 - Article 3, General Rule, Articles of Incorporation)

“Approbation Number”

By The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, No. 546.


Rm 902, Villa Casa Gobancho
5-6, Gobancho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102-0076 Japan
E-Mail : hba-office@mte.biglobe.ne.jp
URL : http://www.hotel-barmen-hba.or.jp/



- Started as HBG, through HBC and HBA founded - September 1962 “Started as HBG, Hotel Barmen’s Guild” In 1962, it was time of each hotel stands alone, and not to have any relationship in between nor among especially for bartenders working in hotel bar in Japan. Then 9 chief-bartenders working in hotels in Tokyo had meeting to establish some organization for exchanging opinions and information on food & beverage operation in each hotel and having closer relationship with each other. They are the chief-bartenders working in Palace Hotel, Hotel Okura, Imperial Hotel, Hotel New Japan, Ginza Tokyu Hotel, Marunouchi Hotel, Dai-Ichi Hotel, Hotel Kokusai Kanko and Ginza Nikko Hotel, and the organization was named “Hotel Barmen’s Guild(HBG). The 9 founders of HBG called other hotel bartenders in Tokyo for joining, and HBG expanded to arrange and conduct tours of distilleries and wineries for increasing bartender expertise.

“ And HBG has come to be expanded to HBC, Hotel Barmen’s Club” Along with HBG activities, it was arisen demand for edification and cultivation of skill for young bartenders in hotel bars. Then HBG called for other hotel bartenders to join HBG for cultivation of young hotel bartenders to be conducted widely, and many hotel bartenders in Tokyo sympathized and joined. HBG expanded to as 18 hotels in Tokyo with 80 members. With this level of organization, it was required to have general rule for conducting orderly organizational operation. HBG decided to lay down General Rule and strictly fair membership as the first step to formalize official organization of hotel bartenders in Japan, and set the proper name as Hotel Barmen’s Club (HBC). In the meeting of new organization to be launched, HBC set “Cultivation of character as member of Food & Beverage Industry”, “Deepen ties among members”, “Striving improvement of skill and increasing expertise”, “Contribution for developing Food & Beverage Industry” as the basic philosophy, and set its operations including “Original Cocktail Competition”, “Lecture and Training”, “Facility and plant tours”, “Convivial Meeting” and “Mutual cooperation among members” etc.

July 1972
“Inaugural Ceremony of HBC and the 1st HBC Cocktail Competition/Making Skill” In July 1972, inaugural ceremony of HBC was conducted at The Hotel Grand Palace in Tokyo, and announced General Rule and Official Operations, and the most important operation, HBC Cocktail Competition was conducted right after the inaugural ceremony. The First HBC Cocktail Competition was conducted as cocktail making skill of “Martini” and “Side Car”. And the managerial regulation of this first HBC Cocktail Competition is the prototype of HBA Original Cocktail Competition run by HBA now. February 1973 “The 2nd HBC Cocktail Competition/Original Cocktail Making” Following by the successful launching of the 1st HBC Cocktail Competition, the 2nd HBC was held in February 1973 at The Palace Hotel in Tokyo, and it was the first attempt of The Original Cocktail Competition conducted by HBC, which lasts up until now as HBA Original Cocktail Competition. With this 2nd HBC Cocktail Competition, HBC prepared The Championship Trophy with the red and white ribbons garnished, in which the name of winner inscribed. And the Champion Trophy is handed and handed to the winner in each competition as venerable cup, and it lasts up until now also with HBA Original Cocktail Competition.

October 1975
“Formulating Divisional Headquarters of HBC - Birth of the first branch of HBC in Hokkaido, HBC Hokkaido Branch” Starting its activities in 1972, HBA conducted its operations such as Cocktail Competition, Tours in distilleries and wineries, Seminar lectures, Meetings for exchange informative opinion etc. for improving skill and increasing expertise. And hotels of member bartenders spread throughout Japan, while it was launched as organization of hotel bartenders only in Tokyo. In 1975, it was raised as an assignment on how the Hokkaido and Kyushu area members set in HBC, because it is hard for Tokyo headquarters to manage as they are 900km away each from Tokyo. Fortunately in Sapporo, divisional capital of Hokkaido, HBC members in Sapporo Tokyu Hotel acted to establish divisional headquarters to communicate with the HBC headquarters in Tokyo as representative of Hokkaido branch. Even though it was hard for Hokkaido members to move in step with HBC Tokyo headquarters, it was some progress to promote HBC activities and make HBC as nationwide organization. On October 7, 1975, HBC Hokkaido Branch was established as the first divisional headquarters of HBC with 37 members in 7 hotels in Sapporo as Sapporo Grand Hotel, Sapporo Park Hotel, Sapporo Prince Hotel, Sapporo ANA Hotel, Sapporo Kokusai Hotel, Sapporo Tokyu Hotel and Sapporo Washington Hotel.

May 1976
“Keep Up with Hokkaido Branch - HBC Kyushu Hotel Group” Establishment of HBC Hokkaido Branch in 1975 gained much attention from HBC members in local cities in Japan. In Kyushu area, it sparked a movement to join HBC inspired by some hotels in Fukuoka, divisional capital in Kyushu area, such as Hotel Station Plaza, Hakata Tokyu Hotel and Nishitetsu Grand Hotel. Examined by HBC headquarters in Tokyo for establishing another branch in Kyushu area, it was decided to hold meeting locally in Fukuoka, and it lead to launch not branch but HBC Kyushu Hotel Group in May 1976 by 9 hotels in North Kyushu district as Nishitesu Grand Hotel, Hotel Station Plaza, Hakata Tokyu Hotel, Miyako Hotel Hakata, Hakata ANA Hotel, Shiroyama Hotel, Fukuoka Daiichi Hotel, Nagasaki Grand Hotel and Kokura Hotel. In 1976, HBC with 250 members in 69 hotels became nationwide organization in Japan of hotel bartenders.

July 1977
“At the completion of nationwide organization, HBC turned out to be HBA, Hotel Barmen’s Association, in 1977” Joining of Kyushu Hotel Group in 1976 made HBC a nationwide organization in Japan, and HBC held 1977 general assembly in Fukuoka, Kyushu. On July 2nd, 1977, HBC announced to set the proper name as Hotel Barmen’s Association (HBA). Our proper name as HBA was born in this commemorative general assembly and year. February 1978 “First Original Cocktail Competition in Kansai Area” The most important activity of HBA is Original Cocktail Competition, and HBA devoted time and effort to obtain social prestige and existence value and significance mainly through holding Original Cocktail Competition. HBA held Cocktail Competition only in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, from the beginning through the 6th competition. However the 7th HBA Original Cocktail Competition was held in Osaka, the second largest city of Japan and the capital of Kansai district, commemoratively for the first Original Cocktail Competition of HBA as truly nationwide organization in Japan.

1980 - 1981
“Championship of Original Cocktail Competition goes to local city in Japan” Even in the 7th HBA Original Cocktail Competition, championship always went to bartenders from hotel bars in Tokyo, Metropolis of Japan, from the beginning to the 8th Original Cocktail Competition. But in the 9th Original Cocktail Competition held in 1980, the championship went to Sapporo ANA Hotel, and Kyoto Royal Hotel won championship in the 10th Original Cocktail Competition in 1981. Since HBC turned out to be nationwide organization by Kyushu Hotel Group having being joined and changed the proper name to HBA in 1978, HBA came to be real nationwide organization of Japan by the champions of Original Cocktail Competition born in local cities of Japan in the 1980s.

November 1987
“HBA International Study Tour as Dawn of Internationalization of HBA” and “Issuing In-House Magazine “Hotel Barmen” HBA celebrated 10th anniversary in 1987. It took 8 years for HBA since having become “Nationwide Organization in Japan” for Hotel Bartenders, and to counteract regional gaps in Japan. So far domestic issues cleared, HBA set another task as “Internationalization” in 1987. As the first step of this task, HBA planned and conducted “International Study Tour” for visiting Beverage companies and exchanging opinions, which was realized by cooperation of supporting members of HBA. In the memorable first tour, HBA delegation visited Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray & Gordon in UK and Moet et Chandon, Camus, Bouchard Pere et Fils, Hospice de Beaune, J.J. Mortier, Chateau Lafite Rothchild, Chateau Mouton Rothchild, Chateau Margaux in France. HBA International Study Tour was started in 1987, and continuously conducted in following years, once every year. It was the dawn of HBA to step forward for being internationalized. Another issue to be noted in domestic activity in Japan by HBA was issuing in-house magazine “Hotel Barmen” bimonthly, and is continuously issuing.

February 1988
“HBA Technical Qualification Test started in 3 grades”
HBA formulated Technical Qualification Test in 3 grades, as Junior, Senior and Master Bartender, for the purpose of clarifying “improving skill and increasing expertise of hotel bartenders” by paper and practical examination. It was applied just for HBA members, and successful applicants are given Certificate and Badge issued by HBA. In the 1st test conducted in 1988, 318 bartenders applied, and 236 passed.

September 1, 1989
“Birth of HBA as Incorporated Association approved by Japanese Government”
1989 is the most significant year of HBA throughout its history. Throughout 12 years of nationwide organization, HBA was approved by Japanese Government as public-interest organization for its significant activities. It is birth of HBA Incorporated Association, and HBA became an organization from “private” to “public-interest” with bearing social responsibility for contributing public interest of Japan. 1989 is another dawn of HBA for leaping forward.

June 27, 2000
“Go forward for regional activity - Setting up HBA Hokuetsu Branch”
Since HBA being formalized as Incorporated Association, institutionalization of HBA was proceeding with enhancing regional organization and its activity. Over a decade effort of institutionalization, another branch was formulated in Hokuetsu area as HBA Hokuriku Branch. It is approved by general assembly in the year of 2000. Hokuriku Branch covers 4 prefectures of Japan as Ishikawa, Fukui, Toyama and Niigata prefecture.

June 21, 2001
“Setting up Nishi-Kanto Branch” In general assembly of 2001, Nishi-Kanto Branch was approved following to Hokuetsu Branch, which was approved by general assembly in 2000. Nishi-Kanto Branch covers 4 prefectures of Japan as Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Yamanashi and Nagano prefecture.

June 20, 2002
“Setting up Tokyo Branch”
In the stream of enhancing regional organization and its activity, it came to be a wave mounted over Tokyo Metropolitan Area to establish branch for enhancing activity separated from the headquarters. In the general assembly held on June 20, 2002, another memorable issue was approved as the birth of HBA Tokyo Branch. Tokyo Branch covers the metropolis Tokyo and 5 prefectures as Saitama, Chiba, Ibaragi, Gunma and Tochigi prefecture.

November 2004
“100th issue of In-House Magazine, Hotel Barmen”
It started in January 1987, the in-house magazine issued only for HBA members, “Hotel Barmen” recorded the 100th issue in 2004. The memorable 100th issue featured the history of HBA and vicissitude of Hotel Bars in Japan.

March 15, 2009
“The first activity of HBA targeted consumer public, “Cocktail Adviser, a certificate for consumer public having wide knowledge of cocktail”, and lecture for examination”
The first HBA activity opened for consumer public was activated in 2009. “Cocktail Adviser” is entitlement program set by HBA for the purpose of diffusing cocktail into market with lecture of cocktail, which is lectured by HBA member. Qualifying test of paper examination is conducted 12 places in Japan, where HBA Branch sited.